The head of the High Court, Xhezair Zaganjori did not pass the Vetting process. The Appeal Chamber today deciding to dismiss him from duty.

The presiding Judge, Albana Shtylla, read the decision and stated: “Based on the administered acts and evidence presented, the trial panel came to a conclusion that the decision by the Independent Qualification Commission, dated on July 24th, 2018 should be amended and decided to dismiss Xhezair Zaganjori.”

Meanwhile, Zaganjori himself was not present at the hearing.

On August 6th back in 2018, the Public Commissioner appealed to the Appeal Chamber over the decision by the Independent Qualification Commission, which confirmed to duty the head of the High Court.

According to the Appeal Chamber, Zaganjori did not justify his properties, expenses or financial savings over prior years, including the education of his children in the United Kingdom and Germany.

The Appeal Chamber's decision states that Zaganjori has lacked such financial sources and has made inaccurate declarations for his assets.

“Referring to the initial declaration of his 2003 property and the declaration concerning his vetting of wealth in the year 2017, the subject of reevaluation is incorrect in the declaration of assets and immovable properties.

“The reevaluation subject has made an inaccurate and insufficient statements, in addition to the lack of legitimate financial sources for the creation of these assets,” stated the decision.

Today, a trial panel of the Appeal's Chamber stands by the decision of the Independent Qualification Commission, by confirming to duty the judge of the Serious Crimes Appeal, Nertina Kosova.