North Macedonia is set to initiate the process for new elections after failing to negotiate with the European Union.

Macedonian Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev called Friday's decision by the E.U. a "historic mistake" and takes personal responsibility for the new elections. 

“Brussels did not do us justice. We did everything we were asked to do while they didn’t keep their word. This is a historical mistake for Europe.

“But politicians have to be accountable to the citizens and so I am taking responsibility for calling snap parliamentary elections,” Zaev stated at a press conference.

Commenting on France's skeptical position, the head of the executive added that European values and the desire for reforms push Macedonians towards a European Union future.

“We have 27 out of 28 European leaders in our favor. We understand the debate and dilemmas that France has but that should not discourage us” said Zaev.

Regarding the election date, the Head of Government hinted that day could be set on Sunday during his consultations with other parties and the President, Stevo Pendarovski.

Meanwhile, VMRO opponents over the weekend demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister after serving nearly three years in office while Albanian political parties, on the other hand, have proposed a technical cabinet until new elections are held.

Përktheu: Paola Pupla