Madalena Canaj is an architecture student who also completed an internship program with the municipality of Tirana. The most talented youth can apply to be part of this program to gain experience by taking part in important city projects, under the monitoring of experts from the institution.

Madalena worked for 3 months at the project office within the municipality, and as an architect she says that Tirana already has good development potential, a piece of Paris in the capital of Albanians.

Like Madalena, 47 other young people became part of the program. Veliaj believes that through this practice they have a better understanding of the current reality and will therefore be more prepared in the labor market. He added that they are should be further motivated by the receipt of payment.

"The moment has come to think not just about opportunity for experience, but also for payment. We started a project for interns who develop skills within private companies, but we are ready to do this also for the practices in the Municipality of Tirana, to make sure that, given our strict selection, we have a compensation scheme, even for pocket money, to make it easier for the next generation of students who come here." explained Mayor Veliaj.

Internships for young people and environmental policies are two elements that, according to Veliaj, should be adopted in other cities of the country.

"The fact that the project is working is very good news. I am glad that the Municipality of Tirana carries the greatest burden in innovating such practices. Now, its time to encourage other municipalities to implement successful projects ." concluded Erion Veliaj.