The Infrastructure and Energy Minister, Damian Gjiknuri, inspected today the final phase of works that the Albanian Road Authority has been performing at the entrance to Saranda.

The project envisions the reconstruction of the road axis from the Gajdari Bridge to the entrance of the city of Saranda at a financial cost of 280 million lekë.

Currently, asphalting has been completed and the road has been opened for free circulation of road vehicles.

"We are here at the entrance of Saranda, which has important work done to solve a long-term problem for this city, which has spanned over many years. 

"The work was financed by the Albanian government and is now open for traffic. I believe that within a month this road axis will be fully completed with the relevant signaling and with all the works belonging to it. 

"This is also in line with the recent communication I have had with the Road Authority and the implementing company," confirmed Damian Gjiknuri.

The work for this investment in the coastal city's infrastructure began in August last year.

Within a month it is expected that the sidewalks and the relevant signaling of this road segment will also be completed.