Albert Veliu or "Witness X", is still in Kosovo where Kosovar authorities are conducting the proceedings for his Political Asylum Claims.

The so-called "Witness X" video-tape, published by the Democratic Party initially, shows the 51-year-old, allegedly proving the connection of the brother of the Interior Minister, Fatmir Xhafaj, to drug trafficking.

Bejtush Gashi, the Minister of Internal Affairs in Kosovo, officially confirmed Veliu's request for Political Asylum in Pristina, during an inspection of border crossings with Albania. He stressed that the full implementation of international conventions will be used for the decision.

"He has been seeking asylum. All procedures are being conducted; Kosovo is obliged to implement international conventions. Witness X has requested political asylum and the respective procedures are being conducted." said Gashi. 

Albert Veliu requested Political Asylum in Kosovo after being detained on May 28th by Kosovo Police, where he entered illegally with his son. 

After the public announcement, Agron Xhafaj approached the Italian authorities to execute the sentence taken by the Italian courts. The Democratic Party asked for this action in order to close the investigation into Albania.