With the news delivered via a special media statement, the former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri declared today that he is conceding his mandate as MP. 

The statement used harsh tones as he underlined that he was giving up the role to ensure there was no potential for 'power' to be considered in the investigation and us such the proceedings can continue as him being a simple citizen.

"I concede my mandate as MP until the truth comes out," said Saimir Tahiri.

Referring to statements that his non-arrest is hindering the opening of negotiations, Tahiri responded by accusing the DP and SMI leaders.

"People who have governed and destroyed this country for 25 years judge me. I cannot accept it, neither today nor ever. The truth is different and simpler. I am too small to be of any hindrance to Albania's EU integration," said Saimir Tahiri.

It seems no one could be spared of the arrows and daggers Tahiri was hurling in his statement. Even his own party, including the Prime Minister and current Interior Minister were in the firing line.

"Neither the Prime Minister nor the Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj mentioned my achievements in the fight against cannabis," scoffed Saimir Tahiri.

In presenting his attack on the Socialists he also advised that the party accuses him of wrong doing, but does so in an indirect manner.

He then went even further, declaring that the media are paid to write against him, even the ambassadors.

Stressing that he is not afraid to "undress" from power, Tahiri adds that the current politicians, from all political wings, have escaped justice through the buying of prosecutors or other such means. 

In conclusion, he demanded that all politicians also be subjected to vetting.

/Ora News.tv/