Thousands of students and professors will now have to deal with a huge teacher strike.

Today, the Assembly of Pedagogues in Tirana taking the decision to attend the protest at Universities. The Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Sabri Laçi, clarifying that starting next week there will be unlimited protests until a solution for respecting university autonomy is found.

Laçi stated: “The Assembly of Pedagogues has been called over the situation created in the Faculty of History-Philology and generally in all the public institutions of higher education in Albania.

“Everyone had a problem as to how to get out of this protest? Asking: how will the professors and leading institutions react?

“It was discussed for almost an hour and a half and a number of proposals were mentioned but today the Assembly was unanimous in its decision-making.

“It was decided that this week protests among the academic staff of History and Philology will begin indefinitely for at least one day per week.

“The purpose of this protest will be to raise awareness of the wide-ranging problems affecting higher education in Albania.

“Everyone is preoccupied and searching for a solution. We expect solutions from the government and express our commitment to solving all the problems that we find in our path.

“This week is a week of protests in the faculty and courtyard facilities of the institution.

“Everyone will be there at the institution but we will not be attending lessons.

“We will continue this protest for the upcoming weeks until we find answers to the problems we have raised regarding university autonomy, respect for academic freedoms and respect for the university.

“We have noticed that there is no predisposition expressed by our governing institutions to intervene for fundamental changes in the law on higher education. This law problem has gotten very old.”

Sabri Laçi concluded by stating: “After four years, it turns out that all the problems we thought the law would create from the very beginning turns out to be true.