The organization of the April 13 protest has set the structures of the Democratic Party in motion.

Lulzim Basha called a meeting with the executives and then the national council together with the former MPs, where he asked them to engage in convincing the citizens to join the opposition protest which will be held before the Prime Ministry.

“For the April 13th protest, we need the utmost participation, more than in the two other bigger national protests,” said Basha during a closed door meeting.

Further on, Basha emphasized that after the withdrawal of mandates, the opposition is the majority, and this conviction is strengthened after polls published in the media.

“The Democratic Party has an immediate increase even among the undecided. We are an absolute majority in all independent domestic and foreign polls.

“We have to give support for Albanians as soon as possible by allowing them to vote for us. For this reason, a high level of participation in this protest I'd of extraordinary importance,” concluded Basha.