The Acting Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Hantin Bonati, told the water supply directors that they the hold the main responsibility in restoring legality in consumption of drinking water.

Bonati urged directors to manage human resources, as they are overflowing.

"Referring to standards, we have doubled the staff in water supply companies.

"Considering that the cost of service is the cost of social security payrolls paid to staff and the cost of electricity, both of these are, in our judgment, too simple to be reduced'' said Bonati.

Bonati urged water directors to launch door-to-door information campaigns with subscribers about action to restore formalization of drinking water consumption.

The main task of the Water Directors is to educate consumers through information campaigns about the action of formalizing drinking water consumption and to manage human resources in their organization in a better way.

At the meeting, the Acting Minister of Infrastructure and Energy said that the directors are the main actors that will advance the formalization reform.