The museums neighborhoods in Berat of Gorica, Mangalem and Kala will now be supplied with 24-hour drinking water!

The news was announced by the Berat-Kuçova Water Supply and Sewerage Director, Refat Arizi, who claimed that this decision was made because every year this period coincides with a large influx of both domestic and foreign tourists coming to visiting the city's historic center, as well as its museum neighborhoods. 

According to Arizi, all measures are being taken to guarantee the water reserves in the firefighter hydrant located in these museum districts are filled. 

"Museum neighborhoods are at the center of attention and for every breakdown we go to repair it immediately," said Refat Azizi. 

The Water Supply Director has promised that, after the water supply rehabilitation project which started 3 years ago is completely finished, the entire city of Berat and the city of Kuçova will be supplied with drinking water without interruption.

This year has seen an increase in the number of tourists visiting Berat by 40-50%.