Security, cleanliness and quality services are all on offer this tourist season on the coast of Lezha.

The supply of water to the coastal areas remains a key condition for a successful tourist season, so guaranteeing this service is in the focus of work by the Task-Force of the Water Supply and Sewerage Company in Lezha.

Chief Engineer Petrit Bardhi says the work focuses on illegal interference in the distribution network, mainly in the Shëngjin area, the prevention of which is expected to improve supply.

"The operation is expected to run for a month, but will continue until its full completion. Completion of the action will bring great improvement to the city of Shëngjin," declared Petrit Bardhi.

During the Water National Action, the Water Supply and Sewerage Company in Lezha denounced 13 individuals, while warning that they will act with an iron fist against any water abuser who illegally interferes with the distribution network.