From Elbasan, the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri has called on citizens and businesses with water debts to their pay bills and for all those with illegal connections to immediately set up contracts with the supplier.

The minister warned that abusers will be legally penalized.

"I must once again call on citizens to take advantage of the grace period which is currently active.

"We will begin our operation with businesses at first, data exchanges are being made with tax authorities and other structures that have data from businesses, to see and identify large water consumers who, unfortunately, are debtors or abusers.

"Whoever abuses water or connects illegally will be punished in accordance with the law," announced Gjiknuri.

Accompanied also by the Mayor of Elbasan, Qazim Sejdini, Gjiknuri inspected the works being carried out on the reconstruction of the water supply system in the "28 Nentori" and "Skanderbeg" neighborhoods, at an investment of about 457million Lek.

"Current investment is very important, and it provides half of Elbasan with a 24 hour water supply. In other words, 22 thousand families benefit from this investment.

"We acknowledge the 10 thousand families who are the suburban part of the city, also.

"Your investment in Elbasan is the maximum you cab support, so our obligation is to increase the performance of the water supply system, not only in the city but also in the village," explained Qazim Sejdini.

The project foresees the replacement of all main water distribution lines, construction of 430 manholes, installation of individual and collective water meters, including 1575 for family subscribers.

So far, 25% of works have been carried out, including the installation of water pipes, spanning a length of 9km.