The government announced a decision today to postpone the deadline providing a grace-period to families for the legalization of water connection by an additional month, due to the large influx of people rushing to organize contracts and meter installations.

The decision means that families now have until February 28th to contact their water suppliers and legalize their connections without facing legal punishment.

Minister for Infrastructure and Energry, Damian Gjiknuri, announced the government's decision today, stating:

"Family subscribers now have an increased grace term, up to the 28th of February."

9 thousand new contracts have been signed and 26 thousand water meters installed in just in two months after the launch of this action.

However, unlike family subscribers, controls and fines for businesses will still begin with the operation being launched on February 1st.

"We've seen 9 thousand new contracts set up in 2 months. The postponement of the deadline is for family contracts only and this extension does not apply for businesses," explained Minister Gjiknuri.

The Prime Minister, Edi Rama has accused some big businesses of exercise their activities in the middle of Tirana with fear of the fact that they are not paying for their water.

The Prime Minister has warned that there will be no tolerance for any water abusers.