3.5 million Albanian voters will vote on Sunday for their local leaders.

Although the opposition is absent in the elections and the President has given his non-decree on the election's date, according to the Central Election Commission, the voting will nevertheless begin at 7 a.m. and last until 7 p.m.

According to official declarations, 132,788 voters will vote for the first time; while in terms of gender, 51% of the voters are male and 49% are female.

5,417 voting centers will be opened all over the country which will be administered by 90 Commissions of Electoral Administration Zones.

Electoral materials have begun to be distributed in all major parts of the municipalities around the country.

Meanwhile, about 8,000 police officers prepare for their engagement during the elections on Sunday.

For the first time since 1990, elections will be carried out without the participation of an opposition, following the opposition’s burning of their own mandates resulting in their absence in Parliament all while urging the resignation of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Meanwhile, President Ilir Meta has canceled the June 30th elections but has since decreed October 13th as the next date for the election process.


/Ora News.tv/