The lock-down of schools and kindergartens that were serving as polling stations was the next move carried out by some of the opposition-run municipalities around the country in an attempt to enforce President Meta's decree for the cancelation of the June 30th election process.

But these actions have caused some of the employees of the right-wing municipalities to be charged with the “Obstruction of subjects in elections”.

In Mallakastra, deputy mayor, Haredin Serjani, was declared “wanted”, while two local unit employees and a security guard were arrested.

Along with Dervish Dervishaj, Erjon Isufaj, and Nimet Kapaj, he is accused of having closed two schools in the town of Ballsh and 21 schools in the villages of the Municipality.

Two employees in the Municipality of Pogradec were also charged for the closing of four schools designated as Voting Centers.

Requesting the immediate release of employees, who according to him, only did their job, the mayor of Pogradec called on all citizens not to fall victim to provocations and to avoid conflicting situations.

Even the majority of institutions under the auspices of the municipality of Shkodra have chained their doors, stating they would not offer up any environment for the election process.

On the other hand, in the municipalities run by the Socialist Party, the process of distributing electoral materials from the Commissions of Electoral Administration Zones to the Voting Centers was launched and will open on Sunday at 07:00 o’clock in the morning.

The distribution process of election materials was also attended by OSCE observers and other bodies engaged in the monitoring of the June 30th elections.