The Interior Ministry published the final voter list for the local elections this year. From the data generated by the General Directorate of Civil Status, there are 3,536,015 Albanian citizens with the right to vote.

From the total number, according to the Ministry 132,788 voters will vote for the first time, while in terms of gender, 51% of the voters are male and 49% female.

The Interior Ministry said that the Final Voters List has improvements in relation to past elections, both for the 2015 local government and parliamentary elections in 2017.

In the updated list, duplications and over 100-year-old voters have been removed, as well as the names of individuals serving prison sentences in accordance with the law's definition in the framework of 'Decriminalization'.

The Interior Ministry emphasized that the process of drafting the Final Voters List was conducted under the supervision of CEC technical audits, who had full access to each stage of this process.

The Interior Ministry explains that the process of drafting the voters' list has started in accordance with the decree by the President “On setting the election date for the local government authorities.”