The Central Election Commission has announced that vote-counting has been completed in the majority of municipalities and, in rather unsurprising news given that in many cases they were the only ones running, the Socialist Party has won the mandate in all of them.

Meanwhile, in Peqin, the vote-counting has not even started, with the reason being given as technical problems.

In Tirana, 793 ballot boxes have been counted out of a total 919, with the result being reported as 93.96% for the Socialist Party candidate, Erion Veliaj, versus 6.04% percent for the Democratic Conviction candidate, Arben Skënderi.

CEC Chair, Klement Zguri expressed concern that updates were provided by commissioners this year via phone. In a media statement, Zguri said the participation rates were questionable in accuracy.

“In past elections, reporting was conducted at voting centers using the electronic system. The data was not relayed by phone as has happened this year.

“This process change increases uncertainty regarding the accuracy.

“Official data should only be data that is scribed into the official summary tables of results at each CEAZ.

“The summary tables should contain the exact number of voters per voter list and the total numbers of used ballots, valid ballots and invalid ballots, as well as the number of votes for each candidate or political party,” explained Zguri.