Psychologically aggravated and fearful that seismic shakes could return strong, hundreds of residents of Durrës have left their homes to find some days of rest.

They have chosen to go to cities as far away as possible from the epicenter of the earthquake.

In Vlora, 1200 people from Durres and Tirana are being accommodated in hotels.

Although they have left the sad scenes of the earthquake behind, they continue to be traumatized.

Many express regret over having abandoned the city where they were born and raised, adding they will return soon to restore their livelihoods in Durrës.

Vocational schools, as well as tour operators, have engaged their staff to provide free meals to those who have chosen accommodation in Vlora.

Even Kukës has opened its doors to residents of the affected coastal city and the capital with some hotel owners offering free accommodation.

Like 30 years ago, when it hosted more than 500,000 Kosovar citizens displaced by the war, Kukës citizens have been quick to show their solidarity to anyone affected by the earthquake.