A 53-year-old man from the village of Trebinjë near Pogradec has died as a result of the low temperatures in the blocked mountainous areas of the Korça region.

Ajet Zikollari, set off on his journey with his donkey to Selca e Sipërme in order to buy food for his family after his region was blocked off for days due to the snow and frigid temperatures. Tragically, he did not return home alive.

The incident happened in the village of Proptisht, where residents of the area have, in fact, been supplied with food.

It was the arrival of the animal alone, along with the food fastened in its saddle bag, that indicated a sign of his disappearance after family members and residents of the area set off in search of his body.

The 53-year-old man was found frozen in the snow, according to officials of the area;. Members of his family are heartbroken as the record low temperatures and blocked roads prevent them from even holding a proper funeral.

Another victim of the cold weather was also found in the coastal city of Durrës. A homeless man, identified as Viktor Dhima, was found dead in the 4th district of Durrës. 

It is suspected that he died during the night as a result of cold temperatures and excessive alcohol consumption.

Meanwhile in Shkodër, a 57 year-old man was found dead on his first day of duty as a guard for the offices of a Vocational Training Center.

The victim, Agron Gokovi, is believed to have succumbed to the cold temperatures during his first night-shift on the job.

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