Democratic Party MP, Ervin Salianji, was the only one present to represent the opposition in the business hearing session on politics, demanding acceleration of the process.

After his speech, the Democratic MP left the session.

“It is clear that the majority does not want Vetting of Politics and it is clear that Albanian citizens do want it, especially after discovering the events that prove politicians' connection with crime. 

“We as the Democratic Party have demanded control over the integrity of politicians, their connection with crime and the control of politicians' wealth.

“No citizen likes these negative elements. In the last 5 years, what we have said as the opposition is today clearly emerging as true - they are involved in crime.

“What we have been seeking from the Prosecution today is that those who were found in the tapping of the Prosecution and partners, for these gentlemen to be punished as has happened with former SP deputies after 5 years or more.

“We demand that, today, without any delay, we control the integrity and wealth of politicians, just as we did with judges and the police.

“The will of the Democratic Party is the will of every citizen. We want to break the political ties with the crime, decriminalize the elections, and enforce the anti-mafia package over any business that has profited unfairly.

“I want to speed up this process.

“Today should be the day when you, as a majority, should apologize to those representatives that you have introduced to Parliament and that have been determined as having strong links with crime and criminals,” declared Ervin Salianji.