The Democratic Party continues to insist that vetting of politicians is the only solution that will clean the state of incriminated MPs, despite prejudices about the Socialist Party's attitude towards their initiative.

At a hearing with civil society representatives at the Legislative Council meeting, the Democratic Party MP, Enkelejd Alibeaj, has labeled their behavior as a theatre of hypocrisy. 

He went on to call on civil society not to be used by the government, even thanking those who did not accept such an invitation.

“This is a hypocrisy theatre that is being developed by the Laws Commission and the Council of Legislation with the single purpose of closing the public’s eyes.

“The end of this procedure, which has become inadequate and a facade of residence, that these gentlemen do not want to express publicly, the total denial of this very urgent request by the Albanian public, is simply to gain time by performing theater.

“The consideration that I have with the greatest respect for you 5 civil society representatives is to not allow yourself to be used as a facade for the purpose of denying vetting in politics.

“It would be the worst service available to the public. You have created your own name, your own experience with your contribution, without any price, without any kind of corruption with politics.

“You have never been summoned to the most delicate issues that this Parliament and this building has historically discussed. 

“Yet, they called you today! For an issue that has already received a verdict. Do not accept it! Today they are playing the next hypocritical theater, possibly consulting with civil society,” said Enkelejd Alibeaj.

Also influenced by the DP-SP involvement in the "Babale" audio-tapping investigation, Alibeaj did not leave without charging the number 2 of the Socialist Party.

“Taulant Balla makes a cameo in all the criminal episodes of the past few months,” said Enkelejd Alibeaj.

Despite their presence, some of the civil society members appealed to the MPs not to include them in their political conflicts.

Some of the representatives who did not attend, but were contacted by Ora News, expressed that they do not want to be part of this completely political process, while others said they did not manage to see the Assembly's invitation in time.

After his speech DP MP Enkelejd Alibeaj left the Council meeting, not hearing those who took their turns after. 

MPs of the Socialist Party considered his behavior a violation of the Code of Ethics and for this they sought measures to be taken by the Conference of Mayors.