Even lawyers will have to pass the vetting process. This novelty of the new draft law on the organization and functioning of the professionals working in the field of law was presented at the Law Commission. 

Chair of the Chamber of Lawyers, Maksim Haxhia and the Socialist MP Alket Hyseni, who was also one of the compilers of this draft law, indirectly cited that the vetting process would expand to include lawyers.

"The draft law is a product of judicial reform and provides higher standards for the institution," said Maksim Haxhia.

"The new law has been drafted by experts of justice reform," added Alket Hyseni.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj stressed the need to establish anticorruption structures for lawyers and the strengthening of punitive measures in cases of violations. 

"The level of oversight by the Justice Ministry on lawyers should be increased," explained Etilda Gjonaj.

The opposition were not present in the hall, though the SP MP Bashkim Fino demanded explanations as to how the new draft law differs from the old. 

The rapporteurs said that this draft law presented changes to 70% of the articles when compared with the old one. 

Approximation with European legislation, quality enhancement among lawyers, and an application of contemporary methods were just some of the points submitted to the commission.

Perktheu: Sabina Doma

/Ora News.tv/