The Independent Qualification Commission has dismissed both the Serious Crimes Prosecutor Përparim Kulluri and Elbasan Court chair, Sulejman Kurti from duty.

According to the IQC, Kulluri, known as the prosecutor in the “Babale” file, is suspected of inappropriate contact with a person convicted in Greece over narcotics and in Albania for attempted murder.

The Independent Qualification Commission also noted that it was alleged Kulluri had made a fictitious declaration on a shop in Orikum in order to obtain a higher expropriation value.

The Prosecutor denied contact with the person identified as A.B. and said he had made a correct statement on the self-declaration form.

Meanwhile for the head of the Elbasan court, the IQC found properties obtained without justifiable sources, a secret report suggesting links to organized crime and an unsubstantiated jail arrest measure.

These findings of the Commission resulted in the IQC removing him from the ranks of justice. Also on Wednesday, Tirana's Court of Appeal Judge Artur Kalaja also appeared before the IQC.

According to the commission Kalaja has legitimate financial resources, accurate asset declarations, though lacked some of the payment statements.

The Commission said Kalaja did not pay the customs duties of the car purchased in Germany to the amount of 14 thousand euros.

According to the Independent Qualification Commission, Kalaja also did not declare the rental income from an office to the amount of 200 euro per month in the periodic statement, as required.

There were also 6 denunciations against him which, after verification, did not result in as being evidenced.