Appellate Prosecutor Gentian Trenova, who was also one of the members of the justice appeals council, did not pass the first vetting court. 

The Independent Qualification Commission decided to remove him from the prosecutor's office, with the decision now expected to rest on the Special Appellate Panel.

The prosecutor himself was not present at this hearing, but was represented by lawyer Saimir Lami, who considered the decision unfair and said that the panel had pre-determined their decision on Trenova before the actual hearing. 

According to him, Albania does not have the luxury to lose such an experienced individual.

At the hearing of the Independent Qualification Commission hearing, relator Brunilda Bekteshi stated that Prosecutor Trenova had problems with his declarations of wealth, as well as issues regarding lack of investigation into a drug trafficker caught by the Greek Police.

According to the IQC, the prosecutor conducted the investigation in an incomplete way, as he did not verify the source of wealth and assets held by the suspect.

Meanwhile, today a hearing for the appellate judge and candidate of the High Judicial Council, Ilir Toska was also held.

But for this judge, the IQC, after carrying out a thorough investigation, stated that there was no unjustifiable wealth and no false statements had been made.

As for the reputational verification, the IQC stated that, although the Classified Information Security Directorate found concerns, these findings was considered unfounded after their verifications.

The decision will be announced on Thursday June 21st.