The Independent Qualification Commission has dismissed two more of the candidates for the High Judicial Council and the High Prosecutor's Office Council. 

Prosecutor Arben Nela and Judge Ervin Metalla were considered as unsuitable for the continuance of their duties by the Independent Qualification Commission.

Also today, the High Court Member, Ardian Dvorani, appeared before the IQC body. 

Dvorani was investigated on the basis of the three criteria. 

Regarding wealth verifications, The High Inspectorate of Declaration, Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests found that the statements made by the judge were incorrect and that he has attempted to conceal wealth.

There were rumors of liquid assets amounting to 9 million, 900 thousand lekë which we not submitted by Dvorani in the statements to the HIDAACI. 

The institution has determined these rumours to be true and that Dvorani was attempting to hide these assets. 

But the Judge, in a clarification made to the IQC, said that this was a mistake on his part as he now noticed the statement was missing four pages. 

However, he said that the law clearly states that it should be the HIDAACI that was responsible for seeking clarification regarding this concern, a position which he continued to hold even after leaving the hearing.

The IQC also held a hearing for judge of Tirana's Court, Astrit Faqolli, another candidate for the High Judicial Council. 

Faqolli stated that in 2011, he spent 3 million lekë to build a property, however according to the IQC this amount does not match what is depicted on the bill.

The judge declared an 83.8m2 apartment in Ali Demi Street of Tirana, but there were concerns relating to this property also. 

There is a discrepancy over the 2006 statement, with some of the declarations having been made in old lekë, as weel as concerns over a declared amount of cash. 

As such, a representative of the International Monitoring Operations questioned the judge as to what he was referring with the terms, 'cash' and 'bank account', as well as intrigue as to why he has declared some amount in old lekë.