Tirana Court judge, Manjola Xhaxho has successfully passed vetting. The decision was issued today by the Independent Qualification Commission.

"The Trail Panel has decided to confirm Manjola Xhaxho's stay in office, as a Judge of Tirana Court," said Etleda Çiftja.

The panel consisted of Etleda Çiftja, Gensila Pine, Valbona Sanxhaktari. Manjola Xhaxho is also a candidate for the High Judicial Council.

At the hearing held on May 10th, Xhensila Pine said the process of vetting the wealth, reputation and professional qualifications had been completed.

"Regarding her wealth, the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interest has ascertained that the declaration of wealth by the judge is correct.

"Manjola Xhaxho has a legitimate financial source, has not made a false declaration and there is no conflict of interest.

"By verification of the Independent Qualification Commission, it was found that the 2006 declaration is missing. The judge lives in an apartment owned by her parents, which she donated them in 2011.

"By verification until March 27, 2018, there is no other questionable wealth," said Etleda Çiftja.

The Verification of Classified Information Security Directorate has concluded that it is appropriate for the judge to continue in her position.

Regarding her professional skills, the High Council of Justice ascertains that she is capable, has the knowledge and ability to perform legal proceedings with integrity an impartiality and that there is no disciplinary measure against her.

The judge herself agreed with the findings of Independent Qualification Commission and declared that she had no objections to the outcome.

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