According to a new draft, aviation personnel who will have access to restricted areas will be subject to a control period no shorter than five years, with random checks being conducted regularly.

This employee filtering will be carried out by the Ministry that covers public order issues, while the Civil Aviation Authority will approve the disqualifying criteria related to past control.

New in the draft law is the creation of a special structure to be called the "Investigation Authority".

For serious incidents or events such as the robbery in Rinas, this facility has the right to investigate the persons involved and to draft a report to be submitted to the Council of Ministers.

The Investigation Authority will be independent of the aviation authorities, which oversees airworthiness, licensing, operation of aircraft, maintenance, personnel licensing, air traffic control and aerodrome operations.

The Authority will also be independent of all physical and legal persons whose interests or missions may be in conflict with the task assigned to the Investigation Authority or may influence the objectivity of that authority.

The draft envisages 165 articles, 18 more than the actual one, with special chapters covering reports of incidents and incidents occurring both during and after the flight.

For the non-implementation of the articles this Code outlines the imposition of fines starting at 2 million lekë for individuals, while ranging from 5 million to 20 million lekë for subjects.

These sanctions may also be accompanied by suspension or revocation of licenses or certifications.

The draft has been presented for discussion with stakeholders and is expected to go to parliamentary committees for approval.