The justice reform, according to the U.S. Embassy, has faced numerous obstacles as the corrupt fear the danger of the consequences of new justice.

The United States Deputy Ambassador to Tirana, Dan Koski, urges new justice institutions to not be discouraged but to end this process with U.S. help.

“Unfortunately, our goals of improved rule of law and good governance for Albania are not shared by everyone. For corrupt officials, the change we are bringing is bad news.

“It is like sand in their gears, grinding their corrupt activities to a halt.

“We know they will put up a fight and will work to block any effort to advancing these important goals and at every turn. But our message to you is this: Don’t be deterred. Don’t be discouraged.

“Continue to stand up and fight for the reforms that will strengthen Albania’s society for you and for future generations.

“You believe in a brighter future for Albania. So do we, and we will continue to be your partner as you realize that goal,” remarked Koski.


The Deputy Prime Minister, Erion Braçe, also appealed for the continued implementation of justice reform, but without distorting its constitutional framework.

At the closing conference of the government's Planning and Local Government project the deputy Prime Minister said no other reform could work without an independent judiciary.