The Independent Qualification Commission held a hearing with the Appellate Judge Brikena Ukperaj, with the decision to be mad3 on 25 June.

The trial chamber, consisting of Xhensila Pine, Valbona Sanxhaktari, Etleda Çiftja, will review the judge's file based on the three criteria of wealth, reputational purity and professional training.

Brikena Ukperaj is also a candidate for the High Judicial Council. 

Relator Etleda Çiftja said that The High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests has submitted a positive report, that the judge did not hide wealth and made no false statement. 

"The investigation focused on an apartment in Tirana purchased in 2012 in Selita and a car," said Etleda Çiftja.

Her husband has also been investigated regarding his 50% share in the property.

Relator Etleda Çiftja said that "There were 12 denunciations from citizens at the Independent Qualification Commission". 

However, according to the relator, the commission has come to the conclusion that the denunciations can be solved in court. 

On her part, judge Ukperaj said that she is familiar with the material and that she stands by that which she has explained. 

"I think I do my part well for the system," declared Ukperaj before the Independent Qualification Commission.