The Former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri left the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office, where he was called to provide evidence regarding who he called the defendants.

“I showed something important for the process in the Prosecution. I will speak concretely after two or three days. I submitted evidence that I consider decisive. Wait two or three days and you will hear it,” said Saimir Tahiri.

But is he afraid that he will be taken as a defendant?

“I'm not afraid. I ask for your understanding. I have over a year to hear endlessly of this and I've been silent, so you have to wait for two or three days.

He was accompanied by his lawyer, Maks Haxhia.

An Ora News's journalist confirmed before the Former Interior Minister arrived at the Prosecution Office that it was expected that Saimir Tahiri would submit some additional documents.

Investigations against the Former Minister have been postponed until January 17th. This is the fourth postponement of investigations while Albanian politics boils on allegations and counter-accusations.

“The investigations carried out show that the citizen under investigation, Moisi Habilaj, and his associates has collaborated with senior state police officials. The suspect is the former Interior Minister, and Saimir Tahiri is under investigation.

“In collaboration with the Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri, persons under investigation have managed to cultivate considerable quantities of narcotics and transport them in an organized way to a destination abroad,” said sources from within the Prosecution. 

These statements suggest that the Prosecution believes the former Interior Minister was involved in supporting and protecting criminal organizations. 

The former Interior Minister was accused by the opposition of being involved in narcotics trafficking. This was after the wire tapping of the group "Habilaj" in Italy, where his name was mentioned as the person who was assisting them.

In statements to the media, the opposition accused Tahiri of traveling with Habilaj to Greece in a vehicle that he had previously sold. Another charge was Tahiri's yacht trip to Montenegro.

From his part, the former Interior Minister has rejected the charges as he handed over the mandate of the deputy, asking for a full investigation from the Prosecution.

Pёrktheu: Paola Pupla