The chair of Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, today stopping in Pogradec while calling for unity and claiming that nothing will be solved if Edi Rama remains at the helm of the country. Stating:

“With Edi Rama, there is no development. With Edi Rama, there is no employment. With Edi Rama there is no law. With Edi Rama, there is no justice. With Edi Rama there is no Europe. With Edi Rama, there is no and there will be no agreement.

Basha met with citizens and businesses as he promised that if they are willing to put their trust in him, they would have a government that stretched out their hand to help them.

The chair of the Democratic Party finished his tour explaining that Albania is in the hands of oligarchs, and citizens are suffering from poverty. Saying:

“As students have said: we are not poor, we are stolen. You close businesses because of heavy taxes, the high price of oil and the high priced electricity. All of this goes into the pockets of Edi Rama and the five oligarchs.”