After more than a month and a half since the beginning of the student protests, Prime Minister Edi Rama and the new Education Minister, Besa Shahini, have publicly introduced the University Pact in the presence of some students, Rectors and Deans.

In his speech, the Head of Government claimed the heads of higher education are responsible for the current situation. When it came to the topic of plagiarism, Rama called for a solution and issued a warning.

“Take the responsibility and say what you want from us. We know what the students want and we will try to accomplish this one by one. What you want, on the other hand, we have not yet understood, or rather, I understand, but I do not intend to say it yet.

“Do not wait for the day when I too shall join the students and come across you telling them you do not want heard. You get together now and solve this situation. 

“Will the history of science doctors come to an end? Or has it begun in '55, '65, '85, '95, or start in 2005 or 2015, you will have to tell this to the students, not us. We have no problem with it,” said Edi Rama.

Minister of Education, Besa Shahini, has described the 30-page package as an initial proposal as it reinstates the Patronage Proposal, where a Minister will be in charge of a University.

“It is decided that a new relationship between the Universities and the Ministers will be created, a form of patronage that, within the duties of ministers, will be included and adapted along with university faculties,” said Minister Besa Shahini.

***Despite the presentation of the project, in 4 faculties in Tirana and Korça, the students remain isolated.