It's been 26 years since the last execution resulting from enforcement of the death sentence in Albania. 

The last execution was that of 1992 in Fier, where two brothers who murdered 5 members of a family, including a baby, while robbing the victims' home were hanged in the middle of the city.

Since 1995 when it became a member of the Council of Europe, Albania has not handed down any death sentences. 

But today, with the country affected by social concerns such as murder, rape and sexual abuse of children, a rather unexpected proposal has come from an Imam directed at Ambassador Vlahutin. 

The Imam of Lezha, Agim Tereziu, wants to see the return of the death sentence.

"Ambassador Vlahutin - give us the green light for the death sentence. Make an exception," said Agim Tereziu.

Tereziu spoke in the name of the Muslim community, but the latter told Ora News that this is more of a personal stance, and ruled out the possibility of being an institutional proposition. 

While, Ambassador Vlahutin asked the Imam to believe in the rule of law, the law, and the law institutions that are being worked on.

"Believe in the law. The death penalty is not acceptable according to the EU," said Romana Vlahutin.

The global removal of the death sentence is one of the main objectives of the EU's human rights policy. 

In 2013, the foreign ministers of 42 countries of the world, including Albania, signed the statement against death sentences, but currently 52 states still have the law of executions in power.

Belarus is the only state in Europe that has the death sentence in power. Of the 52 countries, only four industrialized countries are still involved in executing criminals. These are the USA, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.