Underwater Cultural Heritage is being threatened by treasure hunters. This is according to the chair of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Board of underwater world heritage of UNESCO, Auron Tare. During an activity in Durrës, Tare requested the documentation of this heritage. Stating:

“Let’s start with the fishermen who could accidentally damage the ancient ships, or with those taking parts from the World War I or World War II boats, or even with the state institutions that have no idea what they are dealing with and demolish them.”

“It should be understood that they have great value not only for history but also for underwater tourism.

For researcher Jin Goold, an Underwater Cultural Heritage can be an extraordinary asset for Albanian tourism.

He stated:

“From what I have seen in Turkey, Spain, Italy and with the contribution of the internationals to their museums, there are endless materials. Even in Durrës there are museums, but from the underwater world there is very little heritage.”

Present at this activity was also the archaeologist Neritan Ceka, who emphasized the study of Underwater Cultural Heritage.

Ambassadors in Albania, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Russia and Japan, as well as some representatives from the Albanian government were present in the presentation of the underwater world.

 “Discoveries are fantastic. There are a large number of antique submerged ships. There are hundreds of ancient vases starting from the 12th century BC until the 5th century AD,” said Ceka.

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