European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, and the European Council President, Donald Tusk, said today that Albania and Northern Macedonia's refusal to open negotiations on October 18th was a major mistake on the part of the EU.

In reporting to the European Parliament on the October 17th and 18th summit, Tusk stated that most member states wanted to open negotiations with Albania and Northern Macedonia.

“In my opinion, failure to reach consensus by member states was a mistake.

“I hope leaders make the right decision when this issue is discussed again before the May summit in Zagreb,” said Tusk.

Meanwhile, Juncker said that Albania and North Macedonia deserve the opening of negotiations. Stating:

“Not starting membership talks with these two countries is a big mistake on the part of the EU.

“We do not make a good impression when giving countries a task and then giving a negative verdict. The Western Balkans is of strategic interest to the EU and remains a potential country.”