Shëngjin has been transforming into one of the country's biggest tourism destinations for several years. 

However, even now that we are in the peak of the tourists season, operators are talking of declines in the number of tourists, suggesting rates 30% lower than in the same period last year.

The data is not official, but the low number of holidaymakers this season is simple to verify.

Some of touristic operators relate the situation to poor and unstable weather, but there are also those who find the cause to be relating to economic situations as well.

Tourism in Shëngjin seems to be affected by two other negative factors, the lack of professional workers and the lack of tourist guides, although operators say they have improved conditions somewhat.

The Municipality of Lezha says that Shëngjin receives the utmost attention regarding cleaning measures and even for other services, though the Council declined to comment further as to the reasons this phenomenon may be occurring on the Shëngjin coastline.