Prime Minister Edi Rama told Vlora's residents that the tourist season that is now coming to a close has been the cleanest and most disciplined so far. 

Rama highlighted the work that remains to be done for cleanliness and promised that next year the city's sewerage processing center will operate. 

"It has been very dirty and we are dirty, but there was a greater commitment to keeping it clean. Next year we hope to begin work on construction of the sanitary field before the season. 

"We will have final answers to the issue of waste collection and treatment in Vlora. The entire coastal line within the city should turn into a coastal line that is used not only in August, but by many throughout the summer period," said Edi Rama. 

Speaking of major infrastructure projects within the city of Vlora, Rama did not forget to mention the Fier bypass, expressing his hope that it is completed prior to the arrival of the next season. 

"We had to break the contract completely and do everything from the beginning with the European Bank for Development. 

"Now the process has begun and we hope that within a few weeks the bank's final answer will come, the contract signed and, next season, find the By-Pass open, if not completely completed. 

"In this way, we will complete the connection with Vlora," said Edi Rama. 

During the meeting, the Prime Minister Rama also took the opportunity to praise Vlora's lifeguards for the work they have done to improve safety on our country's shores.