The Democratic Party Chair, Lulzim Basha has declared that the opposition will continue its actions. From the blue headquarters he stressed that the citizens today gave a strong message to what he calls the government of the crime.

"Thank you for your national and European popular protest, for the clear message that the people sent today to the government of crime and corruption. Today, we said to Edi Rama and Fatmir Xhafaj, the only obstacles on Albania's path towards Europe are you.

"Today's struggle is part of the popular effort and action that will continue without stopping to liberation of Albania from the most anti-European government in Europe.

"Today the Albanians spoke. Europe also spoke. There will be no talks on integration with a crime-related government.

"You are European Albanians; Edi Rama is a corrupt barbarian. You protested as Europeans against a government of crime, which is the main obstacle for our European Albania.

Thousands of police officers respected the law, but some of them raised their hands to the protesters and some of them were injured, including the newspaper editor-in-chief and journalist for "Rilindja Demokratike", Bledi Kasmi.

"Responsible for this is Edi Rama and the Xhafaj brothers and they will be held responsible for the acts of violence against protesters. Nothing stops Albania's march towards Europe. Rama's days are numbered," said Lulzim Basha.

The Democratic Party Chair delivered this statement following the conclusion of the Opposition's protest. He also took a moment to express his gratitude to the citizens who attended the protest today.