Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati, during a discussion with journalists in Brussels on the country's ambition to start membership talks, said that some are growing tired of Europeanization. 

In the terminology used, the foreign minister referred to all the steps in the field of law.

"There is also tiredness from Europeanization. The tiredness of Europeanization is linked to the further steps in the field of law from some member states. 

"The process will be extremely long and consequently the strategic framework for EU membership talks is important," said Ditmir Bushati.

But was Albania worried by French President Emmanuel Macron's statement that the European Parliament did not want further EU enlargement before the bloc has made the reforms?

"From Macron's statements, we have not understood that they necessarily excluding Western Balkan membership from the EU. 

"We understand the problems of the bloc, but the negotiations should be opened to better co-ordinate with the EU." said Ditmir Bushati.

Rama expressed in Berlin that the deprivation of Albania to become a member of the European Union could "feed" Islamic radicalization in the country. 

Asked about the threat from Islamic jihadists in the Balkans, Bushati said that his country's experience was "quite unique" and that he also received such an assessment from the EU and the US.

Bushati emphasized that judicial reform is being implemented at an early stage of Albania's membership process, even before the start of membership talks.