In the autumn, the Tirana-Durrës Highway’s privatization tender will be activated and all citizens who choose to travel along it will be forced to pay a toll.

Minister Belinda Balluku has decided to grant another infrastructure concession regardless of all the criticisms from international financial institutions.

This concession amounted to 49 billion lekë and currently an Indian company has expressed the biggest interest.

The implementation of a toll for the Tirana-Durrës Highway is viewed with concern, especially by drivers, because there is no alternative way to pass, as the Ndroqi road is in a catastrophic condition.

The granting of this concession has also been opposed by former DP MP, Oerd Bylykbashi.

Through a status via Facebook, he says that the gangs masked as concessionaires will take their banditry to the Tirana-Durrës Highway, where every citizen of Durrës, Lushnja, Kavaja and more will be forced to pay this additional tax.

This concession is expected to exacerbate declining conditions for businesses that are located along the highway, businesses which carry out about 60% of the activity in Albania.

About 50 thousand vehicles per day travel along the Tirana- Durrës Highway and, if this number remained steady over the next 30 years, the company's income derived from road would 1.1 billion Euro, a figure which is 3 times the initial investment.