Tirana's Mayor Erion Veliaj was in Dublin, Ireland, where, during meetings with officials and architects, he presented the city's projects which will be realised during his mandate. 

The Municipality of Tirana declared that such projects as Skanderbeg Square, the New Bazaar and New Boulevard attracted the interest of Irish architects. 

The most important project for Tirana that will require intensive work is that which will be done to revive the Pyramid.

"I do not believe there is another city that has changed as much as Tirana in the last 27 years. 

"It gives me special pleasure to share our story and makes me feel proud to be one of the 1 million citizens of Tirana who all treat the city as our common home. Just as we care about our homes, we also care about our Tirana," said Erion Veliaj.

Mayor Veliaj attributes much of the success for these projects to the merit of the citizens for welcoming the initiatives. 

"It is not a success story dedicated to a large budget or an army of people, but to a whole city, which has mobilized to plant trees, to clean, to arrange kindergartens and nurseries, contribute to the days without cars, in sports activities, playgrounds, in the transformation of urban areas and so on. 

"The anthem of Tirana is the anthem of a team that works" said Erion Veliaj.

Veliaj was invited to the Irish Architecture Foundation's annual meeting "New Now Next" to present the projects that transformed Tirana. 

During his stay in Dublin, Mayor Veliaj was also hosted for meeting by the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ireland, Simon Coveney. 

Together they discussed the improvement of relations between the two countries and especially the two capitals. They also stressed the conviction that Albania fully deserves the opening of membership negotiations with the EU.

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