The Water Regulatory Entity has accepted the proposal made by the mayor and from January 1st, a cubic meter of water for families will cost 65 Lek, up from 45 lek currently.

The price will be increased also the businesses.

From January 1st of next year, Tirana's citizens will pay 20 Lek more per cubic meter of water used.

The municipal proposal has already been approved by the Water Regulatory Entity.

According to the approved decision on the official website of this institution, citizens will pay 65 Lek per meter cubed of water, up from 45 Lek currently.

The drinking water supply price has also increased for businesses from 133 lekë per meter cubed to 155 lekë per meter cubed.

The WRE has also double the fixed monthly fee for all water subscribers.

This increase has been justified by the City Hall with the aim of improving the water supply in the capital.

Currently, the highest price of water in the country is paid by residents of Korça and Kamza at 65 leke per cubic meter.

The Albanian government has also launched an action to reduce network losses and raise revenue.