The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj met with the delegation led by the Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, Edin Forto, with whom he discussed the sharing of successful experiences in both cities and the challenges of the future.

Mayor Veliaj stressed that major infrastructure projects, public transportation and improved services to citizens are some of the areas where Tirana and Sarajevo can exchange experience with one another.

“My friend Edin Forto and his team put forward some ideas where we can collaborate: on waste management issues-- as we did in Tirana with landfill closures and power transformers; On public transport issues, and the transformation we are carrying out in public transportation.

“I am convinced that we can cooperate and learn from Sarajevo, especially when it comes to some of the competencies they already have, such as primary healthcare, or other competencies that the Municipality of Tirana is still waiting to decentralize, said Veliaj.

The Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, Edin Forto expressed the conviction that this cooperation will be further intensified in many different fields.

In a sign of friendship, Mayor Veliaj handed the "Clock Tower" over to the Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, Edin Forto.