With only a few days left to start the new school year, in the capital it seems that all educational institutions are ready to welcome the students.

In a meeting with school principals, Mayor Erion Veliaj said that intervention in every school is continuing and that the situation in them has improved significantly when compared to 4 years ago.

“I'm glad we have new gyms and that we've transformed all the other spaces, both outside and inside the school,” said Veliaj.

To increase safety, there will be a Municipal Police Officer or volunteer at each school to help the little ones to cross safely at the designated pedestrian crossings.

“One of the things I like most about volunteering is that you have so much to gain by spending just two hours a month of your time.

“Today, there is no university in the world that does not have a section on volunteering.

“For everything to be ready, the Municipality of Tirana has organized an extensive sweep throughout the territory on September 14th,” said Veliaj.

Mayor Veliaj invited educational staff to contribute to maintaining cleanliness within the school premises, while municipal companies and hundreds of volunteers, expected to join the initiative, will look after the outside environment.

/Ora News.tv/