Admir Murataj, wanted in both Greece and Albania, has been identified as the person killed following a robbery of about 10 million Euros which occurred at Tirana's Rinas airport yesterday at around three o'clock in the afternoon.

Preliminary identification was made in Tirana by the morning hours based on fingerprints.

Following this initial confirmation, the wife of the deceased, along with his brother, Cen MuRAtaj, were called in for the purpose of identification.

At about 11am, they entered the forensic facility and, after being faced with the dead body, they recognized and confirmed the identity of the deceased.

RTV ORA's cameras capture the moments as family members waited outside in the forensics yard and as the pair exited to confirm the news of the deceased.

During a communication, the brother of Admir MuRAtaj said that they had not met him since the robbery which occurred at Rinas Airport in 2017.

The Greek media has also announced and identified the person killed during yesterday's robbery at Rinas Airport.

According to them, MuRAtaj has been on the run since March 2013, when he, along with 10 other Albanians, spectacularly escaped from Trikalla prison.