The document signed by Shkodra Police Director Niko Brahimaj, rejects the claims made by the General Director of State Police, Ardi Veliu, to voluntarily contribute to helping families affected by the earthquake.

The document orders Shkodra district police officers to contribute "financial aid amounts" relating to their position. Thus the “director, the deputy director and chiefs of the police stations”, are obliged to pay 5,000 lekë from their salaries.

The heads of departments at the Directorate and commissariats are obliged to contribute 4,000 lekë, while specialists and other officers must contribute 3,000 lekë.

Moreover, Director Brahimaj ordered all civilian officers to pay a sum of 2,000 lekë to help families affected by the earthquake.

On Friday, the Director of State Police, in a statement to the media, said that the voluntary contributions have now resulted in a collection of around 104 million lekë.