The Socialist Movement for Integration party has gathered leading committee to launch the planned organization of protests aimed at the departure of the Rama government.

Monika Kryemadhi has called on every citizen who, according to her, wants a better Albania, to stand up against what she calls a criminal organization.

“I want to give an explanation to the members of the Committee coming from other districts outside Tirana.

“Your duty is to get ready for the general elections and local elections. Get ready for a revolution, revolts, protests and demonstrations for what you want. Today, we no longer a second to wait.

“Who wants to have a better life for their child, who wants to have a job that pays for their work performed, who wants his or her business not to go bankrupt, who wants to have healthcare for everyone, who wants to have equal justice for everyone, who want to have a strong economy, who wants better infrastructure, and who wants to have a country that guarantees your protection?! There is no longer time to wait! It's time to go out on the streets and protest in all ways possible- democratically, moderately and culturally,” emphasized Kryemadhi.

Furthermore, Kryemadhi stated that the fall and the departure of Prime Minister Edi Rama would translate into creating equal opportunities for all Albanians.

“Today, all political factors are conditioned to unite with one another to restore state institutions starting with the Parliament.

Kryemadhi said that even the internationals are now aware that this government has blocked the country's development and is endangering democracy.