Kosovo's President, Hashim Thaçi, considers a dialogue with Serbia to be the only opportunity to reach a Peace Agreement between the two countries.

Speaking at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at “Chatham House” in London, Thaçi stated he is against any unilateral actions or conditions for dialogue, repeating his stance against the tariff on Serbian goods by Ramush Haradinaj's government.

He stated: “A solution to the dispute between Kosovo and Serbia must be a priority for the international community if it wishes to counter the rising anti-Western currents in the region”,

During his speech, Thaçi spoke about the political situation in Kosovo and the Western Balkans, as well as the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Kosovo.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, almost a decade after NATO-led military action drove out Serbian forces from the territory. The US and most EU states have formally recognized Kosovo as an independent country.

“The European Union is leading efforts to normalise relations between Pristina and Belgrade, which would pave the way for Kosovo to join the European Union and the NATO military alliance. But talks have now reached a deadlock.” said Thaçi.

According to a statement from the Presidency, Thaçi underlined that it is not easy when former enemies talk to each other, but added that dialogue and peace make up the only solution. Stating:

“If we fail to reach an agreement, we will continue to live in the past,”

“With populism and extremism on the rise, it will be “increasingly difficult” to settle this issue as time goes by.

 “Our goal is to get as soon as possible into NATO and the European Union,”

/Ora News.tv/