In the aftermath of the tragic accident yesterday in North Macedonia, the Parliament of Albania, in honor of the victims, started with 1 minute of silence.

Gramoz Ruçi stating: “We know about the tragic accident in Gostivar, where 15 Macedonian citizens died. To honor the pain and stand alongside the families that have lost their loved ones, I invite the Assembly to give 1 minute of silence.” 

Following Ruçi, the Prime Minister began his speech with his condolences for the tragedy in North Macedonia. While emphasizing that most of the victims are Albanians, Rama guaranteed that he will do his part on behalf of the Albanian government. 


“The tragedy in the North Macedonia weighs even more in our consciousness, the weight of the fact that all of us have a common fate; a common destiny, which, in this session is embodied in the most meaningful way with the ratification of the adherence of protocol in NATO of North Macedonia.

“The shocking number of victims and those wounded in the tragic accident, which we find out that most of them are Albanians, makes us emotionally much more vulnerable to the closeness of our connection with the Republic of North Macedonia.

“This particular historical and political connection finds an incarnation in the act of today's unanimous vote of the Assembly. We are spiritually close to all the families affected by the tragedy,” said Rama.

Even the chair of DP, Luzim Basha, expressed his condolences to the victims of the accident, stating:

“I want to address the victims’ families in my name and in the name of the DP giving our deepest condolences. May God lighten your pain!

Present at the session was also the Speaker of the Parliament of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi on the ratification of protocol for NATO membership of North Macedonia.

The parliamentary session was tense today even in the presence of the head of the Macedonian Parliament as the DP Vice chair, Edi Paloka, casted ink on Prime Minister Rama's face with a syringe.

This had forced the Assembly Speaker Gramoz Ruçi to expel him from the session, but Paloka refused to leave even after the session was terminated. Then, the Bureau of the Assembly decided to expel Edi Paloka for 10 days.

Meanwhile, the Guard of the Republic and the State Police, in their statement, say that deputy Paloka had attacked the prime minister with a chemical solution.

The Guard of the Republic, with the support of the specialized State Police, has launched immediate investigations into the aggression and launched penal proceedings against the DP vice Chair, Edi Paloka.