From the assembly podium, Prime Minister Edi Rama called the objection to the Nation's Road tariff a debate without logic and of perverted patriotism. 

Rama said that the decision to impose the tariff was made in back 2010, when the Democrats ruled the country.

"This project began way back in 2010!" exclaimed the Prime Minister.

The statements from the Prime Minister were accepted as truth by the Opposition Leader, Lulzim Basha, though he did advise their plan had foreseen assistance packages for alleviating the pressure on citizens. 

However, former Prime Minsiter Sali Berisha held a different view, instead stating that although the tariff was discussed, the government at that time did, in fact, withdraw from the idea. 

"We withdrew from charging travelers following the feasibility studies," said Sali Berisha.

Rama said that the government will be providing concessions for residents who constantly use the road.

"This debate is without logic as the budget simply cannot afford the costs of maintaining this road. Nor should it be the responsibility of every taxpaying citizen! Only those who use the road should pay it," added Edi Rama.

"Remove the circulation tax, otherwise you will face protests," said Lulzim Basha.

In debate, Rama mentioned to the Opposition leader the allegations of corruption for the time the Nation's Road was being built, which was also a time when Basha held the post of Minister of Transport.

From the assembly podium, the SMI Chair, Monika Kryemadhi also issued strong accusations against the government.